April 15th, 2018: Waking The Dead – A Transformed Heart

Having a truly clean heart sounds incredible, but it also may sound too good to be true. We know the wounds we’ve tried to burry, the shame from sin that we haven’t really let go of. The labels we can’t seem to shake. It’s all buried down there somewhere and honestly it doesn’t sound fun to drag it out or let someone examine it with us.

Maybe you’ve read scripture about how the heart is deceitful and desperately sick. Even Jesus said that out of the heart of men, proceed all manner of wickedness (see Mark 7:21-23).

Maybe you would even say that is true of your heart and that’s why you keep the door closed, locked and have thrown the key away. While those scriptures are true, that’s not the destination God has in mind for us. The truth is that God wants to live in our hearts (Ephesians 3:17).

But if God is going to live there it will need to be clean and trying harder has never given anyone a clean heart. Transformation starts to happen when we give God complete and unhindered access to all aspects of our heart. Then He does the transformation (Ezekiel 36:26-27).

If you’re ready to consider what it might look and feel like to have your heart transformed and to find real freedom, we invite you to dive into these messages and the rest of this series with us.