April 1st, 2018

For us Resurrection Sunday is exciting, but for Jesus’ original followers, it didn’t start off so well. Even though reports started coming in that Jesus was alive, Mark 16 records that the disciples were filled with doubt. Repeatedly it says that they did not believe what they were hearing. Even though Jesus had openly explained that all of this would happen and He promised to rise again, but they couldn’t see it. Even though they had seen Jesus heal, cast out demons, and even resurrect the dead…Even though they had done 2 of those 3 things themselves, they didn’t think He could rise again. Doubts consumed them.

When they did finally accept what had happened Jesus sent them out to proclaim, to invite and to demonstrate the same power that resurrected Him and Jesus invites us to the same. Yet many of us are filled with doubts as well.

We have probably totally embraced Jesus’ resurrection, but have we embraced His mission and His power at work in us? The Gospel of Mark and the other Gospels paint a pretty incredible picture of what that should look like. We need to examine with eyes of faith so we can see what God wants for us and so we can embrace it.