April 29th, 2018: Waking the Dead – Fellowships of the Heart

God does not shape and mold His people in isolation. Instead, God deliberately and intentionally shapes our hearts through small intimate fellowship with others. We all need a few core Christians that really and truly know us and our full story. We need fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who we meet with on a regular basis that we can really connect with on a deep level. We need someone who will fight for us and fight for our heart in a God honoring way. Someone who will remember our story for us when we forget, and remind us of our glory in Christ.

We all need these “intimate allies” of the heart. It doesn’t matter your age, young or old. Or if you’re a new Christian or have been following Jesus for decades. We all need accountability that will support, challenge, show love, and help build us up in Christ.

Who fights for your heart? Who are those few that do that for you?

Intimate Allies help us truly “Wake from the Dead” and let us live from our hearts.