April 8th, 2018: The Heart is Central

Our new sermon series entitled “Waking the Dead”, is all about our heart coming alive in and through Jesus. Unfortunately, we all have “heart wounds” that include: trauma, rejection, disaster, abandonment, abuse, etc. These wounds may have happened recently or even a long time ago. But, it doesn’t matter really matter how long ago it was – it still affects us today!

The enemy (Satan), knows how vital our heart is and he tries to disable and paralyze our heart. Why? Because we cannot be the person God meant us to be and we cannot live the life God meant us to live unless we live from our heart. By taking out our heart, the enemy takes us out! Jesus Christ’s role could best be understood as rescuing us from having a dead heart. Jesus Christ gets our hearts back from the enemy!

God loves us and our hearts matter to Him. It is one thing to say we believe that… it’s another to discover it is true. Jesus Christ came to this earth to relentlessly pursue our hearts!

Please listen to this first message called “The Heart is Central.”