July 1st, 2018: “Media Mayhem”

This Summer Survival Series has raised provided us with some interesting topics that we might not typically talk about in Church, but we should invited Jesus into all aspects of our lives and that includes vacation, sports, and our Media habits.

I’m someone who thoroughly enjoys the benefits of technology, but there are some inherent dangers here. Even with the benefits of tech too much of even a good thing can become a bad thing.

Psychology recognizes that all people have 5 core needs. These are needs that God created us to have and His provision for those needs should draw us closer to Him. However, media and technology are gradually becoming a substitute for God in our lives as we seek to answer the important questions in illegitimate ways.

Those 5 core needs include:

1. Security – Who can I trust?

2. Identity – Who am I?

3. Belonging – Who wants me?

4. Purpose – Why am I alive?

5. Competence – What do I do well?

Not only do we need to be careful, but we need to understand these issues so that we can wisely lead our families. These are important subjects and we need to take an honest look at them so that we can talk these things through.