June 10th, 2018: The Growth Process

n Sunday the focus of our message was “The Growth Process.” In this message we examined how things grow and applied those steps to the church as well.

Growth starts with a seed and much preparation of the soil. For a church to launch we have to pray for:

1. God’s presence in the work.

2. The calling of a Sr. Pastor.

3. Ministry Partners to serve in the ministry.

4. The community we’re called to serve.

5. A place to gather and call home.

Next comes germination – Growing roots and shoots. Roots provide a foundation for ministry and include bylaws, identifying leaders and determining the mission/vision of the ministry. Shoots of various ministries begin to branch out and will eventually produce fruit.

As a plant fully emerges there is a public presentation. The community begins to feel the impact of a local church.

Next we see growth & pruning. Growth should result in fruit but if a plant produces too much fruit it can break the tree, so pruning must occur. We tend to think of God pruning us as a bad thing, but it actually leads to a healthier plant.

When we’re fully mature there should be multiplication. The seed begins to reproduce. Healthy plants reproduce and the same should be true of healthy Christians and healthy ministries.

As we move into reproduction… Here’s how you can be a part:

Pray for us as a church.
Help us watch for a planting location (somewhere within a 20 mile radius).
Help us multiply leaders, by serving alongside someone else.
Give – we know that there will be a financial cost to plant a church, so if God calls you to sacrificially give toward that, it will help us prepare.
As we learn more, ask God if you’re called to go.