June 17th, 2018: Vacation

Summer is full of challenges for us and our families. So we decided to tackle some of that normal summer stuff in our Summer Survival Series.

The first topic we tackled was “Vacation”. While you can’t find the word vacation in scripture, the things we’re pursuing with vacation: rest and time with family, are topics that God’s Word certainly speaks to. In fact, we find both family and rest established in the first 2 chapters of genesis.

We all know that we need rest but find it can prove difficult. Is it just getting sleep? Is it about stepping away from something that is draining us? Is it found if we can just resolve some problems we’re facing? Is there rest if we can step out of our normal routine?

We’ve probably all had vacations that were anything but restful. Sometimes we try to escape through things that ultimately just end up causing us more problems.

In Mark 6:30-32 we see that Jesus encourages his disciples to step away from their work and rest, but in Matthew 11:28 we see that rest isn’t found in a destination, but in a person…the person of Jesus Christ. He says, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

In Psalm 37 David shows us that we can find rest in Christ regardless of our situation or location. So one of the biggest mistakes we can make as Christians is to try and take a vacation where we’re seeking rest, but we don’t seek Jesus.

In this message we share some suggestions on how we can bring Jesus on vacation and how we can better connect with our family as well. The good news is that vacation isn’t really necessary for either one, but it is an opportunity we can capitalize on if we are intentional.