June 24th, 2018: Game On

ummer is full of challenges for us and our families. So we decided to tackle some of that everyday stuff in our Summer Survival Series.

The second topic we hit out of the park was “Sports”. We appreciate Will McKinney sharing insight with us on a subject that just about all of us have encountered. Many have struggled to handle this issue in purely healthy ways. While the Bible certainly uses some sports metaphors, that isn’t a full out endorsement of what we see in sports today. In fact it can be very tempting to pursue our significance through success in this arena. Will shared that the problem all has to do with finding our identity. When we’re looking to receive worth through our accomplishments on the field (or anywhere) things can get ugly…and even parents can fall into this trap. If our child isn’t performing well, we can be tempted to push them harder or shame them for their mistakes in order to help them have more value…and make us look good.

As Christians we’re not defined by our sin or by our success, but by our Savior. Win or lose, we’re still incredibly valuable to Christ who died for us.

The key is finding the proper place for sports in our lives. Sports are more than just a game, less than a god and when surrendered to Christ, they can be a great tool.