One Service Starting 12/5/2021

November 1, 2021

The original move to 2 services was a difficult one to make.  There are always pros and cons to each decision that must be weighed out.  Our biggest concern we faced was in losing some of the connection and energy that was possible when everyone gathers at one service.  We also knew it would be challenging to build the volunteer base needed for two services, but we desperately needed the space so that we could embrace those God was bringing into community with us.  We embarked on that change prayerfully trusting God and building the pieces necessary for the launch. 

Today we find ourselves in a different position, but one that has required no less careful consideration and prayer.  At this time, we believe we can again comfortably gather everyone in one service, which will allow us to once again reenergize and connect for the mission God has given us – “Making disciples who make disciples.”  We’ve always sought to be adaptable and make the changes needed for each season.  Whether this season proves to be long or short, we plan to make the most of it.  We hope you’ll adopt the same attitude, just as you have so faithfully done in the past. 

So, beginning December 5th we will be gathering the whole church together for one service each Sunday at 10am.  That time change will also mean that the sermon will live stream at about 10:25am each Sunday.  Please take note of that date, so you’re ready, but also know that we’ll be providing a lot of reminders between now and then. 

We are thankful for your support and faithfulness,

Pastor Dan, Pastor Nick, and the Leadership Team  

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