Outdoor Service Guidelines

Outdoor Worship Service Guidelines

First, we want to say that leading up to this we’ve had many conversations with each other, with church leadership and with appropriate community leaders.  So, this has included many conversations, much prayer and difficult decisions. That being said…

We are excited to be meeting for Worship on the Lawn @ 10:30am each Sunday and feel that outdoor services are our best option for gathering at this time.

Keep in mind that people will be watching us.  We don’t say that out of fear, but out of opportunity.   How we behave could be a witness or a deterrent, so let’s do our best to be conscientious of each other and put others ahead of our-selves.  That may mean we don’t get to embrace all of the freedom that we would otherwise choose to exercise. 

Each week we will continue to post the sermon on YouTube, for those that need or want to stay home, or in case of inclement weather.  Due to being in the elements, with kids, and the limited use of the building, we will be aiming for a 45-minute service. 

  • NOTIFICATION: Due to weather we may have to cancel some outdoor services.  In order to allow people to plan and prepare we will make that call each Friday evening.  We will then post in on Facebook and send out an email.  This isn’t a perfect scenario, but we’ll do our best.
  • PPE: Masks are welcome, but as there are some who should not use a mask for health reasons, they are not required.  Please respect people on either side of that equation.  
  • SEATING: Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets for seating.  You are welcome to sit in groups according to your household.  However, we should work to maintain a 10 foot distance between groups due to singing.  The parking spaces closest to the front door should be reserved for those who may struggle to walk in the grass or who are high enough risk that they should stay in their vehicle. 
  • HANDOUTS: We will email and post the worship songs with lyrics before the service.  Please plan to use your cell phone or your own printout for worship lyrics.
  • RESTROOMS: Please do not plan to use our indoor restroom facilities as that creates a problem in terms of sanitizing and number of people in the building.
  • CHILDREN: Please do not allow children to simply run and play.  We know that is hard, but they need to stay with parents or guardians at all times.  For little kids, strollers or pack-n-plays may be an option. 
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