Hearing Assistance Available:   For anyone who may have difficulty hearing the sermon at church, we have now put a small radio transmitter in the tech booth which airs the audio.  It broadcast on 91.4 FM.  Small FM radios and earbuds are available in the Tech booth for anyone who may want to try it out.

Youth Group is held on Sunday evenings at the church from 5:15-7:15pm.   Steve Dibblee & other adult helpers led the group through fun activities and Biblical lessons which parents are given advance notice of topics.  Snacks are provided during this time.  Feel free to check out the “New Hope Fellowship Youth Group” facebook page – “New Hope Fellowship Youth Group” to see past activities.  It is a great time for the youth to connect and encourage each other in their walk with the Lord.   If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me here: or hit me up on my cell: 815.761.0125 (Text me, I respond faster than a phone call)

Prayer Impact Night: You’re invited to join us on Monday evenings beginning at 7 p.m. for free-style prayer as worship permeates the atmosphere.  We invite participants to walk, sit, or kneel while praying for Sunday services and other pertinent matters.  If you have questions, contact Jess.

Sermon Discussion Group:  IF YOU WANT MORE THAN SUNDAY MORNING…CHECK THIS OUT!!!   Come join us for prayer and a follow up discussion on the Sunday’s sermon.  We will be responding to any questions you might have.  This will be a small group setting here at the church from 7-8:30 each Wednesday. If you have questions you want to discuss, you can send them to Pastor Dan.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!!!

Dr. Jim Rankin will present the…. “APOSTLE PROJECT” Sunday Night, Sept. 8th at 6:00 pm At New Hope Fellowship Church Travel on this incredible journey with Dr. Jim Rankin as he discovers the truth about the Apostle Matthew’s evangelistic ministry, which includes his encounters with a deacon, a high priest, a king and queen, evil sorcerers, and an angelic being.


God has been so very faithful and steady in walking me through my faith journey as a pastor at NHF.  Every single one of you has been such a blessing to me in praying, encouraging and sharpening me.  As I near completion of my 3 year ordination process, God has been guiding me into exciting opportunities to share His kingdom work with other communities. One of the ways God is doing this is by having me conduct some men’s Bible studies in Oregon, IL starting this fall.  

Please take the time to read the following page as it details information on this venture.  More importantly, please be praying for God to do a mighty work through these studies.  In addition, I’m also asking all the men to pray and consider attending and participating in one or both of these opportunities.  

One thing is for sure……..God is always on the move and desires to take us deeper in our faith! 

Men’s Bible Study Opportunities This Fall………

#1 – Stepping Up – A Call To Courageous Manhood

WHO: Men (15 years of age and up)  

WHEN: Tuesdays beginning on September 10 through November 19th     6:30PM-8:00PM.

WHERE: First Presbyterian Church of Oregon, IL  200 S. 5th St, Oregon, IL 61061

Men today are in a battle without bullets or bombs, but a battle all the same.  It’s a fight for our families and our future.  Facing the battles of life demands courage, and courage is the ability to do the hard thing in every circumstance, despite the cost.  That’s the message of Stepping Up!

In a world where too many men are shrinking back, Stepping Up gives men the vision and tools to live Godly, courageous lives.  Stepping Up is a 10 week small group study for men that dives deep into life-changing Biblical content to show what is means to live for Christ.  

HOSTED BY:  Pastor Nick Tornabene. Let Nick know if you have any questions and if you are planning to attend. Phone (815)761-6348 Email –

#2 – The Conquer Series

WHO:    Men (15 years of age and up) 

WHEN:   Thursdays beginning on September 12 through November 21st       6:30 – 8:00pm

WHERE:  First Presbyterian Church of Oregon, IL 200 S. 5th St. Oregon, IL 61061

The Conquer Series is a powerful 10 week small group that champions sexual purity and addresses potential strongholds in our life.  Strongholds are an epidemic in our society and it’s hitting men, women, and families of all ages.  Here are some of the latest facts regarding this:

  • 68% of Christians men struggle with pornography and other addictive behaviors
  • 25% of Christian women are addicted
  • 54% of Christian leaders including pastors struggle with addiction
  • 90% of children ages 8-16 have seen online pornography
  • Children ages 12-17 are the largest group of internet porn consumers

The facts are clear: The root of the problem is not the addiction.  The problem lies in how we deal with circumstances and pain and trauma in our lives.  When we turn to anything other than Jesus Christ, that is when our enemy attempts to get his hooks in.  

Conquer Series is packed with teaching told through cinematic parables and offers Bible based strategies to conquer all strongholds.  This is not just a Bible study… is a battle plan to use the weapons and truth found in Scripture to heal and renew our minds in Christ.  Conquer Series is for any man who has ever struggled.  Conquer Series is for you and/or it could be to help someone you know who is struggling or will struggle.

HOSTED BY: Pastor Nick Tornabene – Let Nick know if you have any questions and if you are planning to attend.   Phone (815)761-6348                 Email –

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain that binds you!!

NHF Game Night: at 6:30 pm on the third Sat at the church we will have game night.  Bring your favorite game and snacks and meet in the lower level of the church. This is a great opportunity for individuals and families to enjoy wholesome fun and fellowship together.  Any questions, please contact Scott and Pam.

Rochelle Rescue Mission: The mission is at 803 Lincoln Ave, Rochelle.  For more information follow them on Facebook at Rochelle Rescue Mission.  Items needed at the mission are oatmeal packets, easy mac, feminine products, toothbrushes, toothpaste & deodorant. Questions contact Pastor Dan.

We Care Pregnancy Clinic: We Care Pregnancy Clinic may be a place where you could serve, please join us for the Introduction to Volunteering evening Tuesday, September 24 from 7-9 pm.   During the evening, you will be introduced to the services We Care provides and the many ways God could use your personality, experiences and gifts to bless others and give them HOPE. Participation in the seminar does not commit you to volunteering. For a brochure with more information or to register, call 815-748-4242, text 815-780-9097, or email

“Transport For Christ” Fund Raiser Banquet

Dear Saints and Co-laborers, On September 21, at 5:30 p.m., at the First Presbyterian Church in Rochelle,   We will be sharing the ministry of TFC and celebrating 27 years of service to our Lord at the Rochelle Petro Travel Plaza. Salvation truly is of the Lord, and the blessing of His salvation is poured out to God’s people. Thank You, Jesus! We pray you can join us for a wonderful evening of great fellowship and celebration. Come join us for an exciting evening together. Please contact Karen at (815) 497-3901 for your dinner reservations so we can have an accurate count for the caterer. Deadline for reservations is September 12. If you would like to sponsor a table or are unable to attend and would like to send a love gift, please contact the LeRetts. In Christ’s love, Jay and Karen LeRett

Chaplin Jay ministers and witnesses to truck drivers as well as the trucking community in a truck trailer that they have made into a chapel called Master’s Inn. The “Mobile Chapel” is located in Petro’s parking lot in Rochelle.

Tres Dias is a 3 day spiritual retreat that is held twice a year, in the fall and spring.  If you need a fresh encounter with God’s love and grace…If you would benefit from an overview on what it means to be a man or woman of God, then this retreat is for you.  Each retreat starts Thursday evening and goes through Sunday evening and promises to be an amazing opportunity to rejuvenate your walk with the Lord.  The Fall retreat for Men’s is Sept 26-29  and for Women’s is Oct 3-6.  If you would like more information on the weekend please contact the church office at 815-561-8400 or talk to Pastor Dan or check out the website Application printouts will be on coffee table in foyer (Both Dan and Nick will be serving on the men’s weekend)

Operation Christmas Child 2019: Each week there will be suggestions of things you can donate.  There will be a box for donations in the foyer.  (You are welcome to donate whatever whenever, this is just a fun way and reminder to donate.)

Collection Suggestions: Sept – School supplies: markers, pencils with sharpeners, paper, scissors, glue sticks etc.   Nothing liquid – no bottles of glue please. Sept 29 – October 20th  Clothes and bathroom  items : clothes like socks, shorts, shirts, hats, gloves, bars of soap, toothbrushes, sponges/loofahs, combs, hairbrushes, compact mirrors etc. Again nothing liquid like shampoo or body wash, toothpaste etc. October 27th – November 10th or box night(whichever comes first)   Toys and other miscellaneous items: trinkets, gently used or new toys, marbles, stuffed animals, cinch sacs, bibles, books, playing cards, watercolor sets, tool kits (no saws or pocket knives please) playdough, plastic animals etc.

Donating a shoe box or shipping money is another great way to donate to this cause.  It cost $9 to ship each box.

Let your creativity flow and be mindful of the size of the boxes when picking your items. Remember the items must pass the requirements to get there and fit well in the box with all other items!

You all have been a blessing in past years with these boxes and your hearts have shown it! Let’s continue to shine a light this Christmas for these children and give them the best we can!

Than you, Megan and Steve Dibblee Questions, contact – 815-761-1878  text

Operation Christmas Child is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse which is run by Franklyn Graham. This is a ministry where you take a shoe box and fill it with necessities and gifts for a child and then it is sent to a main warehouse where they will put a gospel message in the box and distributed to a child in need around the world. 

Upcoming events

  • Human Video – Oct 18 & 19 Youth preforming spiritual skits.
  • Save the date: November 2nd 8:30am-4:00pmThe Women’s Iron Sharpens Iron Conference will be taking place at Calvary Church of the Quad Cities 4700 53rd St. Moline, IL.  A one-day conference for women (13yrs & older) featuring inspiring keynote speakers, breakout seminars uniquely designed for women, and Christ-centered Worship.

HELP NEEDED: New Hope does not hire anyone to do our landscaping everything is done on a volunteer basis.  Because of that we need help weeding our flower beds & mowing the lawn. If interested in helping there will be a calendar out front to put your name on a date that you can help weed or mow. Questions – contact Paul Williams (

Hospitality Ministry:  If you like to help people feel the love of Jesus, there’s a place for you on the Hospitality Ministry. The Hospitality Ministry is a fun and yet low-key way to get connected. The team will help arrange for meals for church families when needed (birth of baby, death of loved one, health crisis, etc.)  Other areas the team will help out in will be church functions that would include a meal.  If this sounds like a way that you could serve others while showing the love of Jesus please call the church at 815-561-8400 or Megan. Also, if you know someone in church that needs a meal please contact the church office.

2019 Bible Reading Plan: If you have a computer smart phone or tablet, you can download a Bible app called You Version.  This app includes many different versions of scripture and reading plans that you can follow.  This year we’ll be encouraging you to check out one called “Word Of God Speak, we’re currently on Part 2.”  To find the plan, go to app and type in Word Of God Speak, Part 2 you version, it will bring you to the plan where you can sign up to begin your 2019 Bible Reading Plan.

Tech Team: If this is an area of interest for you we’d love to teach you how to serve in the tech booth.  Training will be provided. If interested contact Jacob.