Hearing Assistance Available:   For anyone who may have difficulty hearing the sermon at church, we have now put a small radio transmitter in the tech booth which airs the audio.  It broadcast on 91.4 FM.  Small FM radios and earbuds are available in the Tech booth for anyone who may want to try it out.

Christmas Gifts:  What a wonderful time of the year to help a family in need. This year we will be asking for donations of gift cards or money to families in need in our church. We would ask that they be gift cards that come from Aldi’s, Walmart, and the local gas stations. We also ask that we are able to get all the gift cards collected by Dec 1st so we can get them to the families for their holidays.  You can drop off the items in in our offering box, if your donating money please mark it for Christmas gifts. Also if you know a family in need please contact Pastor Dan, Pastor Nick or the church office. 

Christmas Eve Service @ NHF: Tuesday, December 24th at 7:00pm we will gather together to celebrate the coming of our Savior, with special music and candle light worship.  There will not be any child care.

CANCELLED- Heads up:  We will NOT have  Monday night prayer on November 25th or Wednesday night prayer and Bible study on November 27th due to Thanksgiving holiday.  Also there will be NO youth group on December 1st due to the holiday weekend.

Youth Group is held on Sunday evenings at the church from 5:15-7:15pm.   Steve Dibblee & other adult helpers led the group through fun activities and Biblical lessons which parents are given advance notice of topics.  Snacks are provided during this time.  Feel free to check out the “New Hope Fellowship Youth Group” facebook page – “New Hope Fellowship Youth Group” to see past activities.  It is a great time for the youth to connect and encourage each other in their walk with the Lord.   If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me here: or hit me up on my cell: 815.761.0125 (Text me, I respond faster than a phone call)

Prayer Impact Night: You’re invited to join us on Monday evenings beginning at 7 p.m. for free-style prayer as worship permeates the atmosphere.  We invite participants to walk, sit, or kneel while praying for Sunday services and other pertinent matters.  If you have questions, contact Jess.

Sermon Discussion Group:  IF YOU WANT MORE THAN SUNDAY MORNING…CHECK THIS OUT!!!   Come join us for prayer and a follow up discussion on the Sunday’s sermon.  We will be responding to any questions you might have.  This will be a small group setting here at the church from 7-8:30 each Wednesday. If you have questions you want to discuss, you can send them to Pastor Dan.

NHF Game Night: at 6:30 pm on the third Sat at the church we will have game night.  Bring your favorite game and snacks and meet in the lower level of the church. This is a great opportunity for individuals and families to enjoy wholesome fun and fellowship together.  Any questions, please contact Scott and Pam.

Rochelle Rescue Mission:  The mission is at 803 Lincoln Ave, Rochelle.  For more information follow them on Facebook at Rochelle Rescue Mission.  Items needed at the mission are oatmeal packets, easy mac, new underwear and socks for all ages and sexes. Questions contact Pastor Dan. Questions contact Pastor Dan.

Operation Christmas Child 2019: Final Packing Event:

Dec 16th 7-10pm meet at the church at 5:30pm to go to Des Plaines to pack Christmas Boxes, sign up in the foyer

Operation Christmas Child 2019: Each week there will be suggestions of things you can donate.  There will be a box for donations in the foyer.  (You are welcome to donate whatever whenever, this is just a fun way and reminder to donate.)

Collection Suggestions: Sept – School supplies: markers, pencils with sharpeners, paper, scissors, glue sticks etc.   Nothing liquid – no bottles of glue please. Sept 29 – October 20th  Clothes and bathroom  items : clothes like socks, shorts, shirts, hats, gloves, bars of soap, toothbrushes, sponges/loofahs, combs, hairbrushes, compact mirrors etc. Again nothing liquid like shampoo or body wash, toothpaste etc. October 27th – November 10th or box night(whichever comes first)   Toys and other miscellaneous items: trinkets, gently used or new toys, marbles, stuffed animals, cinch sacs, bibles, books, playing cards, watercolor sets, tool kits (no saws or pocket knives please) playdough, plastic animals etc.

Donating a shoe box or shipping money is another great way to donate to this cause.  It cost $9 to ship each box.

Let your creativity flow and be mindful of the size of the boxes when picking your items. Remember the items must pass the requirements to get there and fit well in the box with all other items!

You all have been a blessing in past years with these boxes and your hearts have shown it! Let’s continue to shine a light this Christmas for these children and give them the best we can!

Than you, Megan and Steve Dibblee Questions, contact –

Operation Christmas Child is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse which is run by Franklyn Graham. This is a ministry where you take a shoe box and fill it with necessities and gifts for a child and then it is sent to a main warehouse where they will put a gospel message in the box and distributed to a child in need around the world. 

Opportunity to Serve on the Cleaning Ministry: If your looking for a way to serve at New Hope Fellowship Church, but need to work around your hours,  availability and time commitment this may be just the thing for you. The cleaning ministry is made up of volunteers and will work with your availability. Give 15 minutes or an hour or whatever works for you. What a wonderful way to serve the Lord by cleaning His house. If interested contact Coral Sanders @ 815-739-6177

Hospitality Ministry:  If you like to help people feel the love of Jesus, there’s a place for you on the Hospitality Ministry. The Hospitality Ministry is a fun and yet low-key way to get connected. The team will help arrange for meals for church families when needed (birth of baby, death of loved one, health crisis, etc.)  Other areas the team will help out in will be church functions that would include a meal.  If this sounds like a way that you could serve others while showing the love of Jesus please call the church at 815-561-8400 or Megan. Also, if you know someone in church that needs a meal please contact the church office.

2019 Bible Reading Plan: If you have a computer smart phone or tablet, you can download a Bible app called You Version.  This app includes many different versions of scripture and reading plans that you can follow.  This year we’ll be encouraging you to check out one called “Word Of God Speak, we’re currently on Part 2.”  To find the plan, go to app and type in Word Of God Speak, Part 2 you version, it will bring you to the plan where you can sign up to begin your 2019 Bible Reading Plan.

Tech Team: If this is an area of interest for you we’d love to teach you how to serve in the tech booth.  Training will be provided. If interested contact Jacob.