A Christian Christmas: 2 – It’s About Pondering Not Planning

Most of us want to control or plan our future, whether it’s ten minutes from now or ten years from now.  We often spend so much of our time focusing on the big and little plans that we have made for ourselves that in the process of doing that, we leave God out of the equation and we forfeit some peace, inward growth, and maturity along the way.  

God allows wonderful things in our life that include many blessings.  But God also allows the hard and confusing experiences as well.  The key to all this is that we need to pause and ponder long enough to savor the beauty or the deep meaning of these moments.  

Pondering is hard work which may be why many struggle to do it.  And yet, pondering, is what is needed.  To grow and mature as a Christian, we need to learn to ponder with Christ.  Christmas is the perfect time to ponder.  

We invite you to listen to the message entitled, “It’s About Pondering Not Planning.”  

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