A Foundation of Thanksgiving

Have you ever had a friend that you really liked, but you lost connection? 

That can happen in a variety of ways.  It could be a falling out where feelings are hurt, and decisions are made to end a relationship.  It can be a misunderstanding.  It could just be things changed, like job, a move, kids, etcetera, but the connection wasn’t as easy as it once was.  There are many reasons we lose touch with someone. 

What about you’re connection with God? 

Have you ever felt like you lost connection with God? 

It can also happen for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reason, is your connection to God as good or better than it once was?  Or would you say your connection has suffered or been lost? 

That’s what has happened for the nation of Israel during their time of exile and that’s what we dive into with this message from Ezra. 

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