A Simple Christmas – Love

When we give gifts at Christmas, it’s an attempt to show someone that we care about them. We attempt to give some sort of physical expression in something that we hope they will love and enjoy. So, at best, our gift giving is a display of love. But, of course, there’s a darker side to the gift giving as well. For some of us, it comes out of the materialism of our culture. Gifts can sometimes play into a sense of entitlement, selfishness, or obligation. For others, the giving and receiving of gifts provokes a feeling of loss and sadness as we remember broken relationships or those who are not here that we love. So, our gift giving can be bittersweet for many of us. I want to encourage all of us to give our attention to the gospel of John. In John 3:16​ we find the perfect Christmas gift…..that in the most perfect way…..communicates love. And this gift is not mingled with sorrow or loss, but instead brings true joy, excitement, and satisfaction to the hearts of all who receive it. We want to encourage you to listen to this message on God’s ultimate love gift to us.SHOW LESS

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