Unstuck – Part 1

Deep down inside, have you ever felt stuck in something you wanted to get out of…..but just seemed like you couldn’t?  Sometimes we feel so stuck in our thinking and behavioral patterns and ruts, but the very first step to really getting unstuck is to admit we need to change in the first place.  Sometimes we find that we need to make outward changes.  However, it is usually not the outward stuff that trips us up and wreaks havoc in our life.  It’s the stuff on the inside that is so painful to access.  The inside is where we have self-destructive behaviors and wounds.  

How do we know if we are stuck in a wound?  1.) We have a wound if we overreact or underreact in a given situation.  2.) We have a wound if there is an inability to open up and talk about it.  3.) We have a wound if we find ourselves continuing to repeat a coping behavior that is outside the will of God.  

Becoming unstuck literally means to return to an original healthy state; to return to the person we were before we were wounded, before we were betrayed, before we experienced pain and built walls of defense and distrust. Being unstuck looks like this: no current secrets; resolving problems in a grace filled way; identifying fears and feelings; keeping commitments to family, church, and self; being open and honest; being held accountable; and increasing in relationships to God and others.  

Becoming unstuck takes a lot of time.  Accessing the wound is difficult and it takes extensive work, effort and tears on a daily basis.  In fact, healing from emotional wounds takes a miracle from God every single day.  

Where are you stuck?  Where is your wound?  We want to encourage you to listen to this message and begin the process of becoming “unstuck.”    

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