Blind Spots (Laodicea)

Laodicea was a well-fortified city and it was built in a strategic location to be a support to trade routes and to benefit from them.  As a result it was exceedingly wealthy.  In fact, it was such a wealthy town that 30 years before this letter was written they had experienced a devastating earthquake and instead of looking for government funds from ROME so that they could rebuild, they handled it all themselves.  They didn’t’ need any help.  Can you imagine a major city turning down FEMA funds after a disaster?  

Yet, the church in this city is given sharper criticism than any of the other 6 in Revelation.  Christ is so disgusted with them that He threatens to spew them from His mouth. 

This church is very confused.  What they view as strengths are actually weaknesses.  Like the city itself, they have become so self-reliant, self-confident, and proud, that they don’t believe that they need anything.   The truth is that when we don’t think we need Christ, that is the most dangerous place we can ever be.  They have a major blind spot!!!  

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