Finding Hope: Hope When We’re Hurting

This is the second message in our new series on Finding Hope. In Romans 8 Paul lays out some important truths for us that can help us endure. 1) Suffering is temporary, 2) Suffering will be replaced by glory, & 3) Suffering is universal. All of creation is groaning under the effects of sin, but as Christians we’ve been given a preview of what’s to come, by having the Holy Spirit alive in us.

This little taste gives us great hope. When we experience the presence of God, when we get a sense that God is speaking, when we feel the weight of our sin lifted, when we experience His love and peace wash over us, even for a moment, we get a little glimpse of the glory that awaits us. This gives us what we need to endure in the times that are painful and difficult, which are many.

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