Jezebel or JESUS (Thyatira)

The city of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-29, was the smallest of the seven cities mentioned in the letter to the churches.  Yet, it is to this little known church in a little known city that Christ addresses His longest letter.  Christ commends this church for their good works, love, and perseverance.  However, in the midst of all these great things, the church also had allowed an ungodly person to rise to a place of enormous spiritual influence.  This “Jezebel like” figure was a false prophet that taught Christians that it was completely fine to also indulge in idolatry and sexual immorality.  Much like we are facing today, the church in Thyatira was facing an uphill battle, especially regarding purity matters.  Bottom line, you can have Jezebel or you can have Jesus, but you can’t have them both.  We encourage you to listen to this message in its entirety.

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