Judas: You Never Would Have Guessed

Group Discussion Guide


How do you feel about people who pretend to be one thing, but are something else? 


“Every time Judas is mentioned in Scripture, we also find a notation about his being a traitor. He is the most colossal failure in all of human history. He committed the most horrible, heinous act of any individual, ever. He betrayed the perfect, sinless, holy Son of God for a handful of money. His dark story is a poignant example of the depths to which the human heart is capable of sinking. He spent three years with Jesus Christ, but for all that time his heart was only growing hard and hateful.”                               – MacArthur, John F…Twelve Ordinary Men (p. 181). Thomas Nelson.


 *Read Matthew 26:1-25 (For more on these events see John 12 & 13).

What did the religious leaders have in mind for Jesus? 

Why were the disciples outraged by the perfume?

John notes that Judas was the group treasurer and was embezzling money.  Why would someone do that to Jesus? 

What must have been happening in Judas’ heart for him to want to betray Jesus? 

Jesus pretty much exposes Judas, why do you think He did that? 

John records that the disciples still don’t see Judas as a threat when he leaves the Passover meal, why could that be? 

 *Read Matthew 26:47-49.

Why would you kiss someone who you were betraying? 

If you were Judas, what would it do to you for Jesus to know what you were doing and still call you “friend”? 

When we are exposed we have two options, humbly repent, dive into self-loathing and shame.  Why do you think Judas chose the later? 

 *Read Matthew 27:1-10.

In the end Judas felt badly, but being sad is not the same as humble repentance.  It seems that he was sorry, not because he had sinned against Christ, but because his sin did not satisfy him the way he had hoped.  What do you think prevents us from humble repentance when we sin? 

There are many Christians who pretend to be insiders while remaining far from Christ.  What factors do you see that contribute to that in the church today? 

When Jesus wanted to expose Judas’ sin, Judas tried to keep hiding it and it slowly destroyed him. 

 *Read Matthew 7:22-23.

What do you think it means for Jesus not to know someone? 

Where do you stand with Jesus?

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