Learning to Lead 10: Recovering From Rebellion

The ancient Israelites knew without a shadow of a doubt that the one true Lord led them out of their bondage in Egypt and provided for them at every turn in the wilderness with awesome signs, wonders, and miracles.    And yet, here in Exodus chapter 32, they were now willing to trust a “god” they could make with their own hands in the golden calf.  This is one of the most incredible acts of defiance and rebellion in all of scripture.   

While it would be easy for us to point and wag our fingers with disdain at the Israelites, we must be careful.  Much of what they do here at the base of Mt. Sinai is reflective of our selfish and fallen human nature. Many of their words and actions are no worse than the things often done by Christians today.  When we rebel and turn to someone or something other than God, it can destroy our lives.  Our only chance of recovery from our rebellion is in our mediator, Jesus Christ. 

You’re invited to join us for this message entitled “Recovering from Rebellion.” 

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