Learning to Lead 6: When Everything Goes Wrong

What do we tell someone when they believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and have surrendered their life to Him and then…….life seems to start getting worse? For that matter, what do we tell ourselves? When things get more complicated and difficult instead of easier, it can be hard to believe and have faith in God. In Exodus chapters 5 and 6, ancient Israel found themselves dealing with the same questions. Moses found himself wondering the same thing. If God is really working and came to save, then why did He let His people be given this seemingly impossible situation? The good news is that almighty God is big enough to let us ask the “why” questions. No matter what our circumstances may be and no matter how much we may wonder or question whether or not God is really working on our behalf and is on the move……the truth is, He is! He is working and He is moving! We invite you to listen to this message entitled “When Everything Goes Wrong.”

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