Learning to Lead 2: “Learning from Failure”

Running as a fugitive was not the life Moses expected to be living.  Even once he was established in Midian, he still thought of Egypt as home and in this place he’s a stranger.  Yet for the next 40 years Moses lives in the wilderness, tending the sheep that belong to his father-in-law.  It appears that life is passing Moses by as he sits around with sheep in the wilderness. 

At this point Moses finds himself living a life of obscurity, patience, solitude and discomfort.  Generally, these are things we do everything possible to avoid, but I’m here to say that when we end up in a wilderness, these are things we need to humbly embrace.

When we fail, there are huge lessons to be learned and God may uses methods that aren’t comfortable, but they can be very powerful in helping us become a leader He can use mightily.

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