Philip: It Can’t Be Done

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Group Discussion Guide

Philip: It Can’t Be Done

The Life of a Disciple – Part 5

OPENING QUESTION: Have you ever felt like people where asking too much from you, and how do you handle a situation like that?

INTRO: The disciple Philip is first introduced in John chapter 1, where Jesus intentionally seeks him out.  He is presumably the 4th disciple to follow Jesus after Peter, Andrew, James and John. We don’t know why Jesus specifically sought him, but we do see that Philip, who was already friends with the other disciples raised no objections.  In fact like Andrew, he immediately recruits another disciple, his good friend Nathaniel. 

STUDY: Read John 6:1-13 and see what Jesus asks of Philip. 

What do we know about this situation? 

What does Jesus ask of his disciple Philip? 

What do you see in Philips response?  What problems is he up against?

Jesus intentionally asks too much of Philip.  It was a test?  What is Jesus really testing? 

Have you ever felt like God was asking more of you than you could possibly do? 

Do you ever find yourself trying to explain to Jesus why His way doesn’t work?  Why do we do that?

How has Jesus tested you? 

What to you think of the following idea: “When we finally come the realization that we can’t do it ourselves and we trust Jesus to accomplish His will in our lives, that’s when miracles start to happen.”

What does that mean for you?  Have you ever experienced that?

Looking forward, how is Jesus testing you?  How could this change your response?

LEADER NOTE: The test Philip faces is this – When Jesus asks the impossible, will he try to do it himself or trust Jesus to do it? 

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