Saved: Seeing Clearly

This week’s sermon was focused on Acts 9 with the conversion and salvation story of Saul or Paul of Tarsus.  Before Paul came to Christ, he had no remorse for persecuting Christians and in fact, felt it was his service to God.  Paul wasn’t seeking Christ.  The truth of the matter was that Christ was seeking Paul.  What happened on the road to Damascus completely and instantly transformed Paul forever.  Once he hated believers and now he was seeking their fellowship.  Once he hated the truth and now he was living from it.  Once he hated the gospel and now he was preaching it.  When Christ entered his life, Paul could officially and finally see the truth clearly.  Just as Christ did it for Paul, He still does it today for all of us.  Jesus still saves and will continue to save.  Hallelujah to that!  

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