Signs of the Times – Signs in the Heavens

When you think about all that is impacted by our Sun and moon it is quite amazing: tides, seasons, years, days and nights, and even temperature all take their cues from the heavens.  When you think about the vastness of the universe and the size of most stars and then realize that God hung them in place, it’s pretty amazing.  Not only did God put them there, but he put us exactly where we needed to be so that we would be safe and have conditions suitable for living.  The existence and placement of each planet, moon and star are precise.  When you consider scripture we clearly see that this is not random or accidental. 

As we continue to look at Matthew 24 and the signs of the times of Christ’s return and the end of the age we see that there will be significant signs in the heavens when Christ does return and these are further reminders that God is always in control.

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