Thomas: My Lord & My God


He is usually nicknamed “Doubting Thomas,” but that may not be the most fitting label for him.  It’s probably fair to say that Scripture paints Thomas as a worrier and full of anxiety at times.  However, in the end there is a beauty and power to this story of the disciple Thomas.  When it was all said and done, Thomas was able to say……. “My Lord and my God.”  

Read John 11:1-16 out loud

1.)  List the participants in these dramatic moments with a quick description of each one’s part in the events.  

2.)  What surprises you about Jesus in this passage?

3.)  Based on what you thought you knew about Thomas, what surprises you about him in these verses?

4.)  What proof is there that Thomas was the obvious leader in this situation?

5.)  How would you describe someone you know who, if he or she suggested you join in doing something daring, you’d follow in a heartbeat?

6.)  What is it about some people that makes them “followable” in that way?

7.)  In what circumstances do you think you would be willing to die for your faith?

Read John 20:19-29

8.)  Exactly what conditions did Thomas require of Jesus before he could believe the Resurrection?

9.)  How do you explain Jesus’ gentleness with Thomas?

10.)  What does Jesus say to Thomas that challenges him not to rely so much on physical proofs?

11.)  How should the fact that the risen Christ is everywhere present even though we don’t see Him elevate an ordinary disciple (like us) to an extraordinary one?

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