Through Tribulation – Stories of Perseverance #5

We are right smack dab in the middle of our book of Acts sermon series.  Today, we are focusing on this important aspect of persevering through tribulation.  

In Acts 14, we read about this first official missionary journey for Paul and Barnabas, where they shared the gospel message everywhere they went.  Many people became saved and believed in Jesus Christ as their one and only Savior.  But we also read that it was a messy and hard journey all along the way.  Just because God calls us to something, does not mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing with no bumps, breakdowns, or problems.  In fact, Scripture tells us that the exact opposite usually happens.  

Paul and Barnabas went to 6 different areas on this first journey and in each city they were ridiculed, falsely accused, and oftentimes, they were kicked out of town and roughed up because of their message.  But in the face of sacrifice, persecution, and tribulation, they counted the cost of serving Christ and they kept going anyway!

We invite you to listen to this sermon entitled:  “Through Tribulation”.     

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