Total Authority

What do you do when something bad is happening and you can’t seem to stop it? You look for help, right? 

If you’re seeing a student getting bullied, you talk to a teacher. 

If someone is being unsafe at work, you talk to the boss.

If you’re seeing a crime unfold, you call the police.

If you’re having legal problems, you talk to a lawyer. 

You get the idea… We look for someone with the authority to do something!  What do you do, when no such person exists?  What do you do when evil is being perpetrated and there is no one who is able to stop it?  In those moments it is easy to feel hopeless. 

We run into just such an experience as we unpack this next miracle from Jesus in Luke 4:33-37.  The issue was a demonic spirit and no one knew what to do.  Join us as we dive into a fascinating topic and see the power of Jesus on full display. 

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