Undeserved Generosity

How much am I going to get?  When you agree to do a job, it’s a fair question, right?  Have you ever taken a job without asking that question?  How about when do I get paid and how frequently?  The details matter, don’t they?  How about his one: Have you ever agreed to have work done without knowing what it will cost you?  When the details haven’t been flushed out, there is a lot of room for disagreement, and it is easy for two parties to see things differently.  So, expectations can become a huge problem.             

As we dive into this last parable about the Kingdom of Heaven, we see some workers who are very concerned about their wages.  The disciples can very much relate and I think we can as well, which is what makes the lessons about he vineyard so very important for us to learn and embrace.  Join us as we dive into these important lessons. 

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