When Your Plan Falls Apart (Christmas 2022)

I’m sure that many of you have seen a comedy movie about a wedding disaster.  We all laugh and cringe because we know what is supposed to happen and we can see how far off the mark things are heading. 

As we begin looking at the events surrounding the birth of Christ we see a wedding disaster unfolding.  The difference is that we don’t know all of the customs and traditions that are being obliterated right before our eyes. 

Once we grasp how bad the plan has fallen apart, the response we see from both Mary and Joseph truly is inspirational.  In the end prophecy shows us that what might have felt like it was falling apart, was actually all falling into place.  Which gives all of us reason to pause and not panic when the wheels seem to be falling off.  The question is: Can we trust God in the midst of our own disasters? 

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