Arrival – Savior & Judge

Have you ever had a situation where you didn’t really see the full picture?  Only having part of the information can lead to some very wrong conclusions.  Sometimes I think that is what happens with Jesus at Christmas.  We see Jesus coming to save.  We see peace and joy.  We see love and salvation, and … Read more

Arrival – Missing Jesus

At this time of year it’s so easy to get preoccupied and let the busyness of the season make us lose sight of the One we’re celebrating.  We can be so stressed out doing all kinds of traditions and celebrations that Christmas may just seem to pass us by.   Do you know what may even be … Read more

Arrival – Making Room

The picture we have of Jesus birth in Bethlehem isn’t always perfectly accurate.  There are a lot of assumptions that we make based on tradition and parts that we fill in because it seems information is lacking.  While exploring one of those issues, we also dive into the reality that Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus … Read more

Arrival – Worshiped

All things considered most people didn’t notice the arrival of the Messiah.  Yet with all of the miracles surrounding Jesus’ birth there was plenty of awe and wonder by those few who did.  The Shepherds left praising God for what they had seen.  Zacharias & Elizabeth praised God, Simeon and Anna at the temple praised … Read more