Epic Meltdown – The Older Brother

To wrap up our Epic Meltdown series we took a look at the Older Brother from Jesus’ parable about the Prodigal Son. From his perspective this situation is totally unfair and he lets his frustration be well known. As he walks down the path to bitterness His father tries to show him a different path. … Read more

Epic Meltdown – Peter

We are continuing with our third message in our “Epic Meltdown” sermon series by looking at the disciple Peter. In the history of the church, the story of Peter denying Christ is one of the most infamous stories ever recorded in Scripture. The betrayal and fallout that resulted from it, is nothing short of a … Read more

Epic Meltdown – Elijah

Many of God’s greatest characters in the Bible had times when they were completely overwhelmed with fear and weariness. We see that was the case for Elijah the prophet in 1st Kings 19 when he had a complete meltdown after being threatened by Queen Jezebel. The truth is, we all go through moments, times, seasons, … Read more

Epic Meltdown – King Saul

This week we started a new series on Epic Meltdowns where we’re looking at some of the most embarrassing situations in scripture and what we can learn from them.  King Saul ends up in a bad place because he wants something so badly that he’s willing to do almost anything to get it.  It’s a … Read more