Saturated – Colossians 4

If we took a sponge and plunged it into a bucket of water, it will soak and permeate the sponge.  Every crevice of the sponge will be full of the water.  Now, what if we could do that with following Jesus Christ?  What if we permeated ourselves in Christ and our life was soaked with … Read more Saturated – Colossians 4

Jesus is Enough – Colossians 2

In Colossians 2 Paul is trying to look out for the young Christians there who are on the verge of being taken captive by a false Gospel… legalism. There are not special rules that we need to follow Jesus. Just follow Jesus. For many Christians that is an alarming thought because we’ve grown accustomed to … Read more Jesus is Enough – Colossians 2

Who is Jesus? – Colossians 1

As we began unpacking Colossians 1 we explored “Who is Jesus?”One of the biggest issues in the Colossian church was people being insiders and outsiders. Have you ever felt like an outsider? Paul’s main argument here is that if you know Jesus, then you’re an insider. Being reconciled to God isn’t about your resume, it’s … Read more Who is Jesus? – Colossians 1