Living for Jesus – Loving Jesus Like a Child

Today we finish up our sermon series on “Living for Jesus” by studying how we are to love Jesus like a child. In Mark 10:13-16, Jesus hits us with a reality check. In essence, the message is this… If we want to be a part of the kingdom of God here on earth and in … Read more

Living for Jesus – Reaching People for Jesus

Our world is dealing with a tremendous amount of depression and anxiety. A lot of people are lost in a sea of inadequacy as they flounder around looking for purpose. Maybe you can relate to some part of that as well. If purpose and meaning are what you’re looking for, wait until you see what … Read more

Living for Jesus – Investing for Jesus

Just like every other area of life, we don’t get to separate finances from our relationship with Jesus. If we’re really living for Jesus, then we’re also going to use our resources in ways that honor Him. So, today we’re talking about Investing for Jesus and we’ve got a particularly unique parable to work through. … Read more

Living for Jesus – Working for Jesus

If you had to describe your relationship with work, what would that look like? Is it a love/hate relationship? Is it an obsession? Is it a necessary evil? What does a healthy relationship with work look like? How do we take a secular job and do it as unto the Lord (as suggested in Colossians … Read more

Living for Jesus – Connecting with Jesus

On Sunday we started a new 5 week series on Living for Jesus. There are many areas where we can have an impact, but we can’t have an impact for Christ unless He’s flowing out of us. If we’re trying to live for Him while running on empty, we’re going to run into some serious … Read more