The Persecution of Our Faith

On Sunday we concluded our sermon series about Responding to Persecution with a message about “The Persecution of Our Faith”.  This is by no means an easy subject to deal with, but Christ made no secret of the fact that these kinds of things would happen to His followers.  We do in fact see some … Read more The Persecution of Our Faith

The Persecuted Church Abroad

There is no denying the fact that Christians around the world are facing incredible persecution for their faith, especially in communist and Islamic countries.  If you doubt that for a second, please check out the work being done by Voice of the Martyrs at So how do we who have so much more freedom respond … Read more The Persecuted Church Abroad

The Persecution of the Unborn

We just began our new 3 week sermon series on “Responding to Persecution.”  Sunday’s message focused on the sanctity of human life for the unborn and how we need to be ready for opposition and persecution on this.   At its core, abortion is not a political issue or argument.  It’s a heart and soul issue.  … Read more The Persecution of the Unborn