Seeking the Source of Forgiveness

It’s safe to say that we’ve all been wronged at one time or another. The hurt and trauma can come in many forms: lies, rejection, broken promises, a betrayed confidence or even the victim of abuse. It’s only natural that we would be angry and want justice for this. However, what if full justice wasn’t … Read more

Seeking the Source of Freedom

This was our 3rd message in this series and the focus was on Freedom.  I think we can all agree that freedom is vital, but where does it come from and how do we find a freedom that lasts?  Often the things we think can provide us freedom, only make us slaves to something else.   … Read more

Seeking the Source of Peace

Hundreds upon thousands of peace treaties have been promised, signed, and broken by people since the beginning of our creation.  Human beings end up making peace agreements that are eventually always broken.  On our own we cannot find peace and we will continue to be at war with each other.  And most importantly, on our … Read more

Seeking the Source of Truth

Truth can be elusive. Lots of things claim to be true and are not. In this message we look at the Christian’s foundation for truth and also some truth counterfeits that can trip us up.