Strengths & Weaknesses #4 – Lust

This week’s sermon was our fourth message in our series entitled “Strengths & Weaknesses – the story of Samson.  We studied Judges 16:1-21 and we honed-in on the sin of lust.   Samson had a special calling on his life, but in reality, his life bore little resemblance to a person after God’s own heart.  He … Read more

Strengths & Weaknesses #3 – Vengeance

We’ve all had moments of at least vengeful thoughts, if not actions.  When we go down that path, things will almost always escalate on us, and our situation will quickly get out of control.   Author Alexander Dumas got it right when he said “Hatred is blind and anger deaf: the one who pours himself a … Read more

Strengths & Weaknesses #2 – Arrogance

Judges 14 begins to uncover another one of Samson’s great weaknesses, arrogance.  It gets him in a lot of trouble very quickly.  Arrogance is a trap that we should take seriously and what Samson stumbles into can be a cautionary tale for us all.

Strengths & Weaknesses #1 – The Vow

On Sunday we began a new series on the life of Samson, called “Strengths & Weaknesses.”  Even in just unpacking the miraculous birth of Samson and beginning to examine his life we could see that what you do with your strengths and weaknesses will define your legacy.  Samson doesn’t do a very good job managing … Read more