Streets of Gold

When it comes to eternity, we’re not talking about taking some blind leap into the dark of a shadowy afterlife.  In this message we explore realities in light of what scripture tells us.  The truth is that every joy that is pure and true on earth, every good thing, is a tiny glimpse, a whisper … Read more

The Curse Reversed

When we walk through this world, everything we see is merely a shell of what it was meant to be. Everything we see has been corrupted by sin. At the beginning it was so much more, and one day it will be again, when the curse of sin is fully reversed.

Living in Anticipation

Most people think of heaven as boring non-existence. If that was true we would have nothing to look forward to, and we would be very unmotivated to tell anyone else about it. Scripture actually has a wonderful picture to paint about the life after this one…and we need to know.

The Promised Return

Jesus is coming again. We have hope because He has promised to return and I’m sure that when the disciples started thinking back to all the things that they had heard Jesus say, they were still afraid of what the immediate future might hold, but all along Jesus had been planting seeds of hope regarding … Read more