Prepping 101 – Doubters & Deniers

The issue of Christ’s return to judge the world is something very serious, it requires a sincere mind. It is a central concept all throughout scripture. The Old Testaments Prophets spoke about it, Christ himself spoke about it, and the Apostles continued to speak about it. Christ is going to return to judge the whole … Read more

Prepping 101 – Recognize the Lies

In our day and age, truth seems to just be a suggestion.  We are being told from many different sources that truth is now all relative to our experiences or our personal desires.  False information and sinful teaching seems to permeate from everywhere in our culture whether that be from schools and businesses, to media and … Read more

Prepping 101 – Hold on to Truth

In the midst of a world gone mad, there is quite simply nothing I can think of that is more important than truth.  There is no greater foundation that we can have on which to live our lives.  Yet many of us constantly seek after truth without opening our Bibles.  Peter is a strong advocate … Read more

Prepping 101 – Everything You’ll Need

Can you be prepared for everything?  If so, how?  What would that look like?  What would you need?     Believe it or not, that is the main thrust of 2 Peter.  When you look at this book as a whole, you quickly see that Peter’s purpose here is to: Prepare the church!  His hope is … Read more