Opposed – Why Church?

What would you say are the biggest obstacles to the church fulfilling her mission, and being what she’s meant to be?  Distractions, divisions, disruptions, and disobedience would be a pretty good list.  While those things might make the top of our lists, scripture sees them as secondary, not primary.  There is one primary source of … Read more

Powered Up – Why Church?

We can probably all agree that the church should be impacting our world. Jesus called His Church to be about preaching the gospel and making disciples and He’s empowered the church to do just that. His Holy Spirit is meant to supercharge this mission and that’s what we’re going to dive into today. One of … Read more

Established – Why Church?

The church is God’s idea and Christ is building His church. It’s a divine promise of the divine Savior. There will never be a moment when the church is wiped out. No matter how liberal, fanatical, ritualistic, apathetic, or apostate it’s outward adherents may become Christ will build His church. While she may need discipline, … Read more