Work Wise (Wisdom for Living 8)

Do lazy people bother you? If so, you’re not alone. Turns out, the word sluggard appears 14 times in the book of Proverbs. Solomon did not think highly of laziness. Lazy people are painful for others to work with. This sentiment seems to be epitomized in… Proverbs 10:26 (NASB) Like vinegar to the teeth and … Read more

Word Wise (Wisdom for Living 7)

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you? It might have even been said a long time ago, but you may never forget a kind and healing word. On the other hand, what is the meanest thing that anyone has ever spoken to you? Those harsh words may have been said just … Read more

Marriage Wise (Wisdom for Living 6)

Solomon has some interesting things to share on the subject of marriage that can be very helpful. There are many verses in Proverbs that speak about how to be a godly man. There are passages about parenting. There is a whole chapter at the end dedicated to a godly woman. But sprinkled all throughout there … Read more

Money Wise (Wisdom For Living 5)

Do you ever look at your grocery bill and stress out about money? Do you ever buy gasoline and stress out about money? Do you ever look at your savings accounts and stress out about money? Worldly wisdom tells us that we need money to be happy. A trip to some of the poorest places … Read more

Sin Wise (Wisdom for Living 4)

Being sin wise is kind of like having a sports scouting report on an opponent. Now you know what they are most likely to attempt to do to beat you. Or you could compare what we’re looking at to studying the strategy of a military opponent, so that you know how they typically attack or … Read more

Friend Wise (Wisdom for Living 3)

We are continuing our “Wisdom for Living” sermon series from the book of Proverbs.  Today, we’re looking at friendship.  There is no other book anywhere like the book of Proverbs that more champions and exalts the idea of friendship.  Biblical friendship does not include our many Facebook friends or our casual acquaintances.  Instead, real God … Read more

Walk Wise (Wisdom for Living 2)

As we look at Proverbs chapter 4 today, I can’t help but think of the famous book by John Bunyan: “PILGRIMS PROGRESS.” As many of you know, it is an allegory that tells the story of a character named Christian on a journey of discovery and freedom. But that doesn’t mean it is easy or … Read more

Wise Warnings (Wisdom for Living 1)

Good advice isn’t always the advice we’re looking for because it isn’t typically easy, cheap or convenient. The advice we get a lot of in the book of Proverbs isn’t always what we’re looking for, but it’s good. This book of wisdom is written by the wisest man to ever live, Solomon. As a young … Read more