Honduras Work Project

Yesterday was incredible for the Honduras team! We were so blessed with the opportunity to put a concrete floor in a house for a woman and her family so they don’t have to have a dirt floor. The team worked hard, made us so proud and got the job done. We finished with a prayer … Read more

Honduras Update

Between Monday & Tuesday we got to tour the ranch and see where they grow their world class coffee. The team is growing, bonding and having a great time!! FYI we are unable to post pictures of the kids at the Ranch which is why you don’t see our VBS.

Human Video in Honduras

Today the Honduras Team was able to share human video with about 40 children and staff at the ranch where they are serving. Introduction to the “Life of Christ” “The Life of Christ”

Safe and Sound in Honduras

We made it Honduras!! We had no issues with traveling, God is good!! We already had some traditional Honduran food and everyone loved it! At the moment we are settling in and getting orientation from Ken who is the director here at Rancho Ebenezer. Tomorrow we get to enjoy some fellowship time with the Schicks! … Read more

The adventure begins…

Our 2019 Honduras Team leaves at 2am for a 7am flight. They will be in Honduras by 1pm Saturday. Thanks to Rochelle First Presbyterian for loaning us their church van “Big Birtha” so we could get the team and luggage into the airport with fewer drivers. Please pray for safe travels and check back for … Read more

2019 Honduras Missions Trip

At the end of June we will be sending 13 youth and 4 adults to Honduras. Primarily we will be working with foster kids at Rancho Ebenezer with the Schick family.  The ranch serves as home to abandoned, orphaned, and displaced children from birth to 18 years of age providing them with Christian holistic care. … Read more