Kingdom Men Rising – Bible Study

WHO:         Men (15 years of age and up)

WHEN:      Thursdays beginning on June 24 through July 29 (6 weeks)

                   7:00PM – 8:00PM

WHERE:    New Hope Fellowship Church.  

When you purchase a game of checkers, you’ll notice that on the top of each piece is the insignia of a crown.  That is because each checker was created to become a king.  Once it is crowned because it has successfully made it to the other side of the board, it will have the right and authority to maneuver and function at a much higher level than it could prior to being crowned.  The reality is, however, that most individual checkers will be jumped by the opposition and knocked out of the game.  When God created men, He created them with a crown because each man was made to rule under the authority of Jesus Christ.  It is evident that many men are stuck in a cycle of discouragement, confusion, rebellion, addiction and defeat that has resulted in much of the sin & chaos we are experiencing today in our world.  

Yet despite all we see around us, there remains hope.  Our true King, Jesus Christ, is interceding and empowering His kingdom men to rise up from their spiritual sleep and to accept the responsibility of becoming a kingdom man. 

HOSTED BY:  Nate McGee and Pastor Nick Tornabene.   

**Required Bible Study Guide “Kingdom Men Rising” by Tony Evans can be purchased at for about $18.00.  Scholarships available for study guides if needed.  

Let Nate or Nick know if you have any questions and if you are planning to attend.   


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