Friend Wise (Wisdom for Living 3)

We are continuing our “Wisdom for Living” sermon series from the book of Proverbs.  Today, we’re looking at friendship.  There is no other book anywhere like the book of Proverbs that more champions and exalts the idea of friendship.  Biblical friendship does not include our many Facebook friends or our casual acquaintances.  Instead, real God … Read more

Finding Hope: Hope that Protects

In this week’s sermon message, we look at 1st Thessalonians 5:1-11 which goes into great detail regarding Christ’s second coming. The apostle Paul addresses what we should be doing and what we should not be doing while we wait on the Lord Jesus to return. As Christians, our hope for this life and eternity, comes … Read more

Trusting God to Be Set Apart (Joseph)

Being set apart is not optional as a Christian. We don’t get to check the box if we want to be set apart or not. If we are Christians, we are called to be different. When we live with God’s eternal values in our heart and mind, it completely changes our daily focus… work, school, … Read more

Honorable Manhood Study (Sept-Oct)

Many of us as men were not given a healthy vision for our masculinity from our own fathers, and therefore, we often go through most of our adult life feeling confused, ashamed or controlled by our sexuality.  But when we as men truly catch hold of God’s epic vision and purpose for our manhood – … Read more

Trusting God with Your Future (Joseph)

When life is good, it can feel easy to trust God.  However, what about the moments and seasons of life that are extremely difficult and accompanied by pain, trials, and suffering?  How do we trust God with our present and future circumstances during those times?   We have officially begun our outdoor summer sermon series and … Read more

Signs of the Times – Arrival

Christ’s second coming is really a subject for all people – believers and unbelievers.  The second coming stands as a warning to unbelievers of the judgment that is to come and it is set up as an encouragement to believers because of the reward that is to come.  Exactly like lightning across the sky, Jesus Christ’s … Read more

Signs of the Times: False Messiahs

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what the future held for you? Just as we are able to look back at our past to analyze and learn from it, we also long to be able to see the future. One of the fascinating aspects of the Bible is that not only is it all about … Read more

Disciples – Why Church?

We are continuing our sermon series of “Why Church?” One of the main objectives of the church is to be disciples who make disciples. When Jesus Christ was on earth, He had taught His followers many things and of all the instructions He ever spoke, His last words should really get our attention, “Go therefore … Read more

Others First (Brotherly Kindness)

We are continuing our “Growing Faith” sermon series by examining 2nd Peter 1:4-8.  The trait we will focus on for this message is the important concept of “brotherly kindness.”  True brotherly kindness always defers to and gives honor to others.  We can express this in many ways such as spending time and assisting others by … Read more

Saying No to Self (Self-Control)

Some people may be able to fool themselves into thinking they have achieved some rendition of true self control. They may be able to conjure up the willpower and the words to “Just Say No!” to various things that are not beneficial to them. Here’s the thing though…’s not about managing our “flesh” under our … Read more