Learning to Lead 12: A Moment of Failure

Numbers chapter 20 is very sad because it shows us one of the greatest men in all of Scripture stumbling and falling near the finish line.  Moses’ mission had been to lead God’s people into the Promised Land.  But we see here in our text that Moses made a huge mistake and the consequence for … Read more

Learning to Lead 11: Unveiled Glory

Moses’ experience in the presence of God is shocking.  He’s humbled and he’s repentant, which is good, but we’re just getting warmed up.  It’s amazing to see that He requires no food or water for the 40 days that he’s on the mountain with God and then when he comes back down, he’s radiating the … Read more

Learning to Lead 10: Recovering From Rebellion

The ancient Israelites knew without a shadow of a doubt that the one true Lord led them out of their bondage in Egypt and provided for them at every turn in the wilderness with awesome signs, wonders, and miracles.    And yet, here in Exodus chapter 32, they were now willing to trust a “god” they … Read more

Learning to Lead 9: Sharing the Burden

You might not know how it got that way, but do you ever feel like you’re the one doing everything? Do you find yourself working sunup to sundown on a regular basis? Do you find you keep doing things yourself because it’s too much work to teach someone else? This kind of thing might happen … Read more

Learning to Lead 8: Whiners in the Wilderness

The core of this message comes down to this important question: If God knows our needs, why does he let us get uncomfortable? We don’t like being uncomfortable, but the truth is that discomfort often exposes important things in us and is the most efficient way for God to shift our desires. Often what we … Read more

Learning to Lead 7: God Has Got This

Have you ever had a moment in your life were short of a miracle, you knew there was no way out? If God doesn’t show up, it’s over, but thank God, He did show up. Do you ever wonder why we have to go through stuff like that? Why do we end up in situations … Read more

Learning to Lead 6: When Everything Goes Wrong

What do we tell someone when they believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and have surrendered their life to Him and then…….life seems to start getting worse? For that matter, what do we tell ourselves? When things get more complicated and difficult instead of easier, it can be hard to believe and have faith … Read more

Learning to Lead 5: Blind Spots

As we’ll see today, Moses has a blind spot in his life. As God prepares him for leadership, there is something that needs to be addressed in Moses’ life. It’s serious to God, but Moses has become blind to the problem.

Learning to Lead 4: Dealing with Doubts

All of us have dealt with feelings of inadequacy at some point in our lives. We also deal with doubts about ourselves. Some of those doubts are based on things that have happened to us and some of them based on things that people have said to us. A lot of those things aren’t true, … Read more

Learning to Lead 3: Learning From Failure

As Christians, we are all called and confirmed by Christ to be servant leaders in God’s kingdom. But, God also said that being a leader in this world is not going to come easy. There are going to be hard moments, grief, brokenness, and failures. But God specializes in restoring failures. Even after we have … Read more