Ready for Anything -Stories of Perseverance #7

Our sermon on Sunday concluded our “Stories of Perseverance” series. This message focused on Paul who receives a prophecy that troubles the church. However, Paul seems completely unshaken by the kind of news that could upset even the strongest of us. Even marching to his own captivity and death doesn’t rattle him. Join us as … Read more

Regardless of Circumstances – Stories of Perseverance #6

Most of us have probably never served time in an actual prison. However, spiritually speaking, we have all been through “prison experiences in our life. Times when life was definitely not how we would have planned it or dreamed it to be. Wondering where God was and why this was happening to us. This week’s … Read more

Through Tribulation – Stories of Perseverance #5

We are right smack dab in the middle of our book of Acts sermon series.  Today, we are focusing on this important aspect of persevering through tribulation.   In Acts 14, we read about this first official missionary journey for Paul and Barnabas, where they shared the gospel message everywhere they went.  Many people became saved … Read more

Fervent Prayer – Stories of Perseverance #4

Have you ever struggled with prayer?  Sometimes we can get discouraged because it feels like nothing happened. Sometimes we can resign to the idea that God is going to do what God is going to do.  Sometimes we end up focusing more on what we can do, than on prayer.  Sometimes we end up turning … Read more

Living the Gospel – Stories of Perseverance #3

If we preach something we don’t live, that is hypocrisy.If we live something we don’t preach, that is a lack of conviction.If we preach something we live out, that is powerful.As we unpack the life and ministry of Stephen in Acts 6-8, we see this powerful example of someone who not only preached the gospel, … Read more

We Must Obey God – Stories of Perseverance #2

How can we remain obedient even in adversity? How can we experience joy when we’re also experiencing setbacks or even suffering? The answer to these questions can be found in our Scripture passage today from Acts 5:17-42. This passage first teaches us about finding joy in suffering for Jesus, as we’re sharing the gospel, but … Read more

Can’t Stop – Stories of Perseverance #1

Fresh off of Easter Weekend, we’re starting a new series on the ministry of the Apostles in the book of Acts. We’re calling it “Stories of Perseverance” and this first message is based on Acts 4:1-21 where Peter and John are arrested and put on trial for healing a man in the name of Jesus. … Read more