Others First (Brotherly Kindness)

We are continuing our “Growing Faith” sermon series by examining 2nd Peter 1:4-8.  The trait we will focus on for this message is the important concept of “brotherly kindness.”  True brotherly kindness always defers to and gives honor to others.  We can express this in many ways such as spending time and assisting others by … Read more

Saying No to Self (Self-Control)

Some people may be able to fool themselves into thinking they have achieved some rendition of true self control. They may be able to conjure up the willpower and the words to “Just Say No!” to various things that are not beneficial to them. Here’s the thing though…..it’s not about managing our “flesh” under our … Read more

Discipline to Delight

If we delight in something then we are going to want to do it more and more and we will naturally be far more disciplined at it. If we don’t delight in something we’re doing, then regardless of what kind of discipline is put in place, we will most likely stumble, fall, fail, and eventually … Read more

Restored Thanksgiving

We know from Scripture that when Nehemiah was challenged with overwhelming situations regarding the reconstruction of the wall, he did not panic, run, or quit.  Instead, he prayed hard and we also see that he worked hard on what God was empowering him to do.  Not only Nehemiah, but we see all the Israelites became … Read more

Esther – Reversals

The definition of the word “REVERSAL” is as follows: A change to an opposite direction, position, or a course of action. We see reversals played out time and again all throughout Scripture especially in the book of Esther. Chapters 7 and 8 in Esther are ripe with reversal stories that show God’s perfect plan and … Read more

Esther – Exposed

Nobody is immune to pride.  In fact, pride can go so deep into our way of operation that it can become a heart and soul problem in us.  We can become so used to it and justify it for so long that it can become our default page without us even realizing it.  This is what we … Read more

More Than We Imagine

We are finishing up our sermon series on the “Miracles of Jesus” by looking at the resurrection of Lazarus found in John 11:1-44.  The message started with posing this question: “Does it bother you when God doesn’t do what you think He should do?”  This is precisely what Mary and Martha were thinking and saying … Read more

I Am Willing

We continued our sermon series “Jesus, Miracle Worker”, this past Sunday by looking at the story of the healing of the leper found in Mark 1:40-45.   In all the miracles we see Jesus do, especially in the gospel accounts, we see not only the power and majesty of Christ, but we also get to see … Read more

No Tent Pitching

Oftentimes as Christians, we may get to some perceived spot or level where we feel that it may be good enough and we begin to settle in our faith walk. But, the truth is, the possibilities are endless of where we can go when Christ is leading the way and flowing through our hearts.

God Will Sort it Out

We began our outside services this past Sunday with a new sermon series entitled “Kingdom Parables.”  Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 has Jesus teaching on the parable of the wheat and the tares.  For most of the growing season, genuine wheat and false wheat(tares) look alike.  But they are inherently different.  Tares produce a small black seed … Read more