Trusting a God Who Keeps His Promises (Joseph)

What will your legacy be? It’s an important question for each of us to consider. We probably pass down a lot more than we realize because we’re modeling behaviors and attitudes all the time. In this final message on Joseph we see the passing of his father Jacob and then also his own passing. What’s … Read more

Trusting God to Be Set Apart (Joseph)

Being set apart is not optional as a Christian. We don’t get to check the box if we want to be set apart or not. If we are Christians, we are called to be different. When we live with God’s eternal values in our heart and mind, it completely changes our daily focus… work, school, … Read more

Trusting God with Forgiveness (Joseph)

It is very difficult to be fruitful, when a good deal of your headspace and energy are consumed with revenge. Somehow, despite all that he’s been through and all of the grudges he could have easily nursed, Joseph has arrived at a place where he trusts God enough to forgive. Today we’re going to look … Read more

Trusting God For Insight (Joseph)

How many times have you felt overwhelmed and uncertain?  What do you typically do when you feel that way?  Unfortunately many of us don’t turn to God until we’ve worn ourselves out first. I would guess that most of us know that God has the answer, we’re just not confident that he’s going to share … Read more

Trusting God with Temptation (Joseph)

When it comes to “Trusting God with Temptation”, we quickly see that feelings and truth play an important role in that equation.  Temptation occurs when we question God’s truth, in light of our feelings.  Sin occurs when we nurture and act on feelings, which are contrary to God’s truth.  These are important principles that play … Read more

Trusting God when You’re Mistreated (Joseph)

Can you still trust God, even when you’re mistreated or being attacked?  In this part of Genesis 37 we see Joseph’s brothers do everything in their power to destroy Joseph and put an end to the dreams God gave him.  But the truth is that no one has the ability to take you out of … Read more

Trusting God with Your Future (Joseph)

When life is good, it can feel easy to trust God.  However, what about the moments and seasons of life that are extremely difficult and accompanied by pain, trials, and suffering?  How do we trust God with our present and future circumstances during those times?   We have officially begun our outdoor summer sermon series and … Read more