Strengths & Weaknesses #4 – Lust

This week’s sermon was our fourth message in our series entitled “Strengths & Weaknesses – the story of Samson.  We studied Judges 16:1-21 and we honed-in on the sin of lust.   Samson had a special calling on his life, but in reality, his life bore little resemblance to a person after God’s own heart.  He … Read more

Strengths & Weaknesses #3 – Vengeance

We’ve all had moments of at least vengeful thoughts, if not actions.  When we go down that path, things will almost always escalate on us, and our situation will quickly get out of control.   Author Alexander Dumas got it right when he said “Hatred is blind and anger deaf: the one who pours himself a … Read more

Strengths & Weaknesses #2 – Arrogance

Judges 14 begins to uncover another one of Samson’s great weaknesses, arrogance.  It gets him in a lot of trouble very quickly.  Arrogance is a trap that we should take seriously and what Samson stumbles into can be a cautionary tale for us all.

Strengths & Weaknesses #1 – The Vow

On Sunday we began a new series on the life of Samson, called “Strengths & Weaknesses.”  Even in just unpacking the miraculous birth of Samson and beginning to examine his life we could see that what you do with your strengths and weaknesses will define your legacy.  Samson doesn’t do a very good job managing … Read more

A Christian Christmas: 1 – It’s about Immanuel Not Elves

What Makes Christmas feel like Christmas to you?  If you stripped all of this away, would it still feel like Christmas? Probably not.  It would feel like pretty much any other day.  Here’s the problem with that: The word “Christmas” is actually a combination of two words.  “Christ,” our Savior and “mas” with one S … Read more

Learning to Lead 12: A Moment of Failure

Numbers chapter 20 is very sad because it shows us one of the greatest men in all of Scripture stumbling and falling near the finish line.  Moses’ mission had been to lead God’s people into the Promised Land.  But we see here in our text that Moses made a huge mistake and the consequence for … Read more

Learning to Lead 11: Unveiled Glory

Moses’ experience in the presence of God is shocking.  He’s humbled and he’s repentant, which is good, but we’re just getting warmed up.  It’s amazing to see that He requires no food or water for the 40 days that he’s on the mountain with God and then when he comes back down, he’s radiating the … Read more

Learning to Lead 10: Recovering From Rebellion

The ancient Israelites knew without a shadow of a doubt that the one true Lord led them out of their bondage in Egypt and provided for them at every turn in the wilderness with awesome signs, wonders, and miracles.    And yet, here in Exodus chapter 32, they were now willing to trust a “god” they … Read more

Learning to Lead 9: Sharing the Burden

You might not know how it got that way, but do you ever feel like you’re the one doing everything? Do you find yourself working sunup to sundown on a regular basis? Do you find you keep doing things yourself because it’s too much work to teach someone else? This kind of thing might happen … Read more