Signs of the Times – The Abomination of Desolation

As we continue our study about the signs of the return of Christ and the end of the age we see a specific situation that means it is upon us.  When you see this, know that the time is URGENT.  This means that the fire alarm is going off and it’s not a drill.  Yet … Read more

Signs of the Times – Spiritual Battle

Though it might not be easy to see, because it isn’t a physical battle, we are most certainly at war. Ephesians 6:10-12 outlines the spiritual battle that we’re engaged in against spiritual forces of wickedness. Satan’s primary tactic has not changed. He seeks to get us to believe that God is against our happiness so … Read more

Signs of the Times: Suffering

I think one of the greatest fears when it comes to suffering is the idea that we may be suffering needlessly. If we expect that something good is happening beyond the suffering, it can make almost anything bearable. If we think that a struggle and pain are pointless, we will quickly look to exit as … Read more

Signs of the Times: False Messiahs

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what the future held for you? Just as we are able to look back at our past to analyze and learn from it, we also long to be able to see the future. One of the fascinating aspects of the Bible is that not only is it all about … Read more

Taking the Next Step – Easter 2022

What makes it hard for you to trust Jesus? This Easter, we definitely want to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the victory that has afforded to us, but we also want to wrestle with doubts and with what comes next for each of us in our faith journey. The bottom line is that following … Read more

The King is Coming

What are you anticipating?  In John 12 we see the fulfillment of anticipation.  As Jesus enters Jerusalem for the Passover, the people wave the Palm branches (a symbol of God’s faithfulness) welcoming Jesus into the city and declaring that God had again kept His promises.  Essentially saying, “What we have anticipated has arrived.  The prophets … Read more

Opposed – Why Church?

What would you say are the biggest obstacles to the church fulfilling her mission, and being what she’s meant to be?  Distractions, divisions, disruptions, and disobedience would be a pretty good list.  While those things might make the top of our lists, scripture sees them as secondary, not primary.  There is one primary source of … Read more

Powered Up – Why Church?

We can probably all agree that the church should be impacting our world. Jesus called His Church to be about preaching the gospel and making disciples and He’s empowered the church to do just that. His Holy Spirit is meant to supercharge this mission and that’s what we’re going to dive into today. One of … Read more

Disciples – Why Church?

We are continuing our sermon series of “Why Church?” One of the main objectives of the church is to be disciples who make disciples. When Jesus Christ was on earth, He had taught His followers many things and of all the instructions He ever spoke, His last words should really get our attention, “Go therefore … Read more

Called Out – Why Church?

What defines church culture?  What does it look like to represent the church?  Unfortunately, you can find churches that have embraced almost anything you can think of as a defining feature.  Some churches are social clubs.  Some are basically a charity.  Some churches are all about a celebrity pastor or incredible worship team.  Every church … Read more