Your Sins Are Forgiven

Why do bad things happen? This is an age-old question, which can prove difficult to wrap our heads around. It’s easy for us to begin second guessing and then say things like: • If I hadn’t been in such a hurry… • If only I had been more careful… • If I had taken better … Read more

Do Not Fear

In Luke 5:1-11 we see Jesus doing a miracle that doesn’t even seem to have any spiritual implication.  He simply instructs fishermen to go back out after a long night of fruitless fishing and to drop their nets one more time.  This isn’t Jesus’ area of expertise.  It’s fine for him to be teaching the … Read more

I Am Willing

We continued our sermon series “Jesus, Miracle Worker”, this past Sunday by looking at the story of the healing of the leper found in Mark 1:40-45.   In all the miracles we see Jesus do, especially in the gospel accounts, we see not only the power and majesty of Christ, but we also get to see … Read more

I’m Here to Help

Do you ever have something bothering you in your life, but you don’t pray about it because it doesn’t seem quite spiritual enough? In looking at scripture I can’t help but think that Jesus would love for us to be in dialogue with Him all day, every day, about everything. There is no subject or … Read more

Tasting Salvation

Ryan & Angie Schick are missionaries to Honduras where they minister in the community through outreach and medical missions. Ryan also had a very though provoking demonstration relating salvation to coffee. You’ll just have to see it.


How do you get up tomorrow and live for God when the world (maybe even your world) is falling apart? After sharing with us about the ministry in the Czech Republic, where he serves as a pastor and in a support role to other pastors, Matt dove into a message for us. In sharing scripture … Read more

Battle Tested

What motivates a soldier to fight a battle?  It seems that often the greatest warriors are driven by a desire to oppose evil.  They are not fighting for themselves (since they know they may not survive), but for someone else and against a tyrant.  There has certainly been a long list of tyrants throughout history … Read more

No Tent Pitching

Oftentimes as Christians, we may get to some perceived spot or level where we feel that it may be good enough and we begin to settle in our faith walk. But, the truth is, the possibilities are endless of where we can go when Christ is leading the way and flowing through our hearts.

Undeserved Generosity

How much am I going to get?  When you agree to do a job, it’s a fair question, right?  Have you ever taken a job without asking that question?  How about when do I get paid and how frequently?  The details matter, don’t they?  How about his one: Have you ever agreed to have work … Read more

Grace & Mercy

Let’s just let the cat right out of the bag. Forgiveness is hard. We all struggle in various ways with this subject and extending forgiveness. We have excuses for why we don’t feel we have to forgive certain people. And we’re not alone in these feelings…even Jesus disciples shared in them. This particular parable about … Read more